Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun Sesame Street Character Wall Decals

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These bright and fun Sesame Street wall decals are as colorful as they are adorable and are the perfect decoration for any nursery or playroom. Sesame Street is a classic favourite for young children and the show serves as an invaluable learning resource for your child before pre-school.

These colorful and fun loving characters make for a perfect nursery and playroom theme and also make for a perfect baby shower or birthday gift.

Why not mix and match a number of Sesame Street decals from the high quality Roomates range to create your own custom Sesame Street themed nursery or play area.

All of these gorgeous removable wall decals from Roomates are made from high quality PVC and can be applied to virtually flat clean surface in your child’s bedroom or nursery and can be quickly and easily applied, removed/repositioned and wont damage walls or furniture surfaces or leave behind any sticky residues to clean up.

 Order these wonderful Sesame Street wall decals today to create your unique and excitingly colorful Sesame Street nursery or bedroom.

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