Woodland Animals Wall Decals for Nursery

Bring an imaginative outdoor theme with these soft pastel Animal Wall Decals for your Nursery.

Beautiful Carter's Jungle Jill Wall Decals

Bring some colorful fun into your baby room with these attractive circus wall decals for your nursery.

Jungle Adventure Wall Decals for Nursery

Fun, relaxing and educational jungle wall decals for nursery decorating.

Timeless and lovable Winnie the Pooh Nursery

Bright, colorful and vibrant butterfly wall decals for nursery decorating.

Transport Wall Decals for Nursery Decorating

This transport wall decal set is perfect for a young boys play room.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Adorable Soft Pastel Jungle Wall Decals

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This soft pastel coloured Kids Line Jungle Wall Decal theme make for perfect contemporary and fun nursery for your new baby boy!

These high quality soft pastel colored nursery wall decals are perfect for creating an attractive and relaxing nursery theme together with perfectly matching 3 piece wall art set, handy laundry hamper, thick and heavy floor rug, gorgeous throw pillow as well as a fun and sturdy nursery lamp.

These soft and fun jungle wall decals along with matching nursery accessories will help you make creating a beautifully decorated boys nursery a breeze.

Have find and find your creative brilliance by strategically placing these high quality soft pastel decals all around your baby’s nursery. These great decals will stick to any clean flat surface and can be removed quickly and easily without damaging wall or furniture surfaces.

Let your imagination go jungle monkey crazy and create the perfect interactive jungle theme for your baby and complete your individual theme some of these perfectly matching accessories.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Carter's Forest Friends Wall Decals

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For a simple and smart looking nursery theme you really cant go past these in-expensive Forest Friends Wall Decals for Nursery Decorating.

This decal set has a great natural colour scheme which would go well with cream, tan or light green walls.

These nursery wall stickers are simple, great looking and easy to apply and won’t leave behind any annoying sticky residues for you to clean when removing the decals from your walls.

These Forest Friends wall decal sets are perfect for both boys and girls nursery and provide a relaxing atmosphere for you little Bub as well as helping you to create a fun, contemporary theme for your professionally decorated nursery.

Buy these popular Forest Friends nursery wall decals for a quick and easy way to professionally decorate your baby’s nursery!

Check out the great Forest Friend Nursery Decor that go perfectly with neutral colored nursery wall decals.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Fairy Wall Decals for your Little Princess

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Creating a fairy theme for a baby girls nursery makes for the perfect decorating idea and these fairy wall decals are simply a wonder to behold.

There is no other nursery theme that is so popular than

A fairy theme makes for a perfectly decorated nursery and these Disney fairy wall decals are amazingly colourful and vivid and provide true to life Tinkerbell cartoon characters for your nursery walls.

These lively and colourful fairy wall decals can be applied to virtually any clean flat surface and are an ideal decoration for a toddler playhouse and can easily be mixed and matched with other great wall decals from the Roommates range, such as the flowers and grass and butterfly wall decals all of which are ideal for nursery decorating.

This giant Tinkerbell wall decal is hugely popular and makes for a stunning feature wall in any girl's nursery or young child's nursery and perfectly matches other great Tinkerbell fairy wall decals and soft furnishings

What’s so great with this fairy decal set is that there are matching toddler bedding and drapes which together will complete an impressive Tinkerbell fairy themed nursery.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun and Educational Transport Wall Stickers

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What better theme for a baby boy’s room, these wall decals are the perfect solution for nursery decorating that won’t cost the earth.
This high quality Roommates transportation peel and stick wall decal set are easy to apply to any clean, hard even surface and won’t leave any marks or sticky residues. Great for an early education tool, you can use these transportation wall stickers to introduce basic phonics and letters by association with the various vehicles.
This bright and colourful transport decal set includes Bus, Train, Truck, Taxi, Car, Plane, Motorcycle, Helicopter and Dump Truck!
easy-peel-wall-stickers transport-wall-decal-set
boys-wall-decal-transport-themeThese nursery wall stickers are super easy to apply and you can easily create an impressive transport themed baby’s nursery in as little as twenty minutes.
Simply give your walls a quick clean with a damp cloth for best sticker adhesion and roughly plan the orientation of each individual wall decal keeping in mind to place all the decals well above curious fingers. Then its a simply stand back in amazement of how easy it is to create a gorgeous looking baby boy’s nursery theme with these great wall decals.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vibrant and Fun Butterfly Wall Decals

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These brightly coloured amazingly lifelike butterfly wall decals make for the perfect decoration for any baby girl’s nursery and would mix beautifully with other girly wall decals for your nursery.

These beautifully vibrant coloured wall stickers are extremely popular and there’s even a glow in the dark butterfly decal set! These decals look especially brilliant placed on a mirror or even a window where sunlight filters through the wall stickers showing off each decals attractive detail and colour.

The glow in the dark butterfly wall decal set are equally brilliant in daylight, but provide an interesting effect in low light without being overstimulating.

Both of these butterfly decal sets would go perfectly with flower and fairy decals to create your own perfectly themed nursery.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Educational Alphabet Wall Decals for Nursery Decorating

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These alphabet wall decals make for the perfect feature early education toll for your nursery.

Not only are these wall stickers great for nursery decorating but they also provide an interesting early education element to your nursery to help with your baby's phonics and becoming familiar with the alphabet through association with some of the most identifiable and cute animals.

What better way to start building your child's educational foundation with these fun and colourful alphabet wall decal set. These letter decals feature the most popular animals that most small children first identify with and each animal is featured in a fun and cheeky way to make these wall stickers perfect for a feature wall in your nursery.
Each letter and animal decal can be placed randomly around your baby's room or you can use these attractive decals as an alphabet border around the room. You can also stick these animal alphabet decals on furniture, mirrors and even windows without fear of damaging any surface or having to clean up any left behind sticky residue.

Although these alphabet animal decals are slightly thinner than the roommates range version of animal alphabet decals, these decals do look that much more fun and attractive and they have received great customer reviews.
Customer Review
Quote: ‘It's a great decal - very educational and fun. The graphics are vibrant and cute and my 2-year old daughter loves them! The stickers struck well on the wall after a few repositions. Very happy with this product.

Plus fast shipping! Will definitely buy it again for my friend's son!’
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Forest Animal Nursery Wall Decals

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A huge tree decal set, this decal collection is one of the largest and most popular removable nursery stickers in the Roommates range.

The tree is great for decorating a corner area of your baby's room with branches reaching out in adjacent directions. You can let your creativity run wild by placing owls perched in the tree and placing other forest animals in fun and interesting places around your nursery.

You can let your creativity run wild and have a ball creating the perfectly decorated nursery for your baby.
There's many other great nursery sticker sets that perfectly match this large, colorful and fun tree and woodland animal nursery decal set.

Add some nice white fluffy clouds high on the walls and some nice colorful flowers at different heights to create depth to dress this beautiful tree and woodland animal decal set. It's so easy to create a stunning nursery forest theme for your baby's room.

This lovely tree decal set is the perfect solution for a fun and relaxing feature wall and will work well with so many of the other nursery wall decals of the Roommates range.

Here are some of the best selling contemporary forest/animal range that are available.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun Colorful Jungle Animal Wall Decals

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Fun, colorful and educational jungle wall decals make for the perfect nursery decorating solution either for a boy or girl, so these decals are perfect if you don't want to know your baby's gender.

The Roommates wall decals for nursery decorating are the highest quality removable wall stickers available. Made from the highest quality PVC, these nursery wall stickers are fade resistant and will last more than a generation.

These nursery wall stickers can easily be removed without damaging your walls and can be placed back on their backing paper ready for your next little arrival.

Jungle wall decals make for a great early education tool and the whole jungle theme of your nursery can be easily expanded with more jungle wall stickers from the Roommates range.

All Your Nursery Wall Decals in One Place

Amazon has a huge range of removable wall stickers to suit any nursery decorating theme that you have your heart set on.

Whatever the nursery theme you have in mind, you will find the perfect set of wall decals for every nursery decorating idea.

Browse Amazon today, to help you create that perfectly decorated themed nursery that you will be proud of!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decorating Tips for Removable Nursery Wall Stickers

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Using removable nursery wall stickers add a whole new level of convenience and can transform the appearance of your baby's nursery within minutes.It's never been easier to create a highly decorative, colorful and fun themed baby's room with the use of the latest high quality removable nursery wall stickers.

But to get the most from your nursery wall stickers here are some useful decorating tips to help you create that perfect decorative nursery theme.

Nursery Wall Sticker Decorating Tips

If you're planning to paint your nursery before your little bub arrives do so well in (at least a month) advance to make sure the paint dries really well and hardens before applying wall decals. Also wherever possible opt for a water based rather than oil based paint as not only are they generally non-toxic, but your nursery wall decals will adhere better to your walls.

Also think of what colors work best with your existing nursery furniture and what nursery wall stickers provide a great contrast to your selected or existing wall color as well as the color of your baby room furniture.

When you get your baby room decals, plan the positioning of your nursery stickers and try and integrate the nursery decals into the rooms furniture and soft furnishings. For example you can hide portions of decals partly behind curtains or have branches coming out from behind a wardrobe to create an interesting and interactive affect.

Consider the lighting in your baby's nursery and how light sources may draw specific attention to feature nursery wall decals and how additional light sources such as children's night light, dimming table lamps or ceiling spot lights may drastically change the atmosphere and transform the look and feel of your nursery wall sticker theme.

When looking for wall decals for nursery decorating and especially if you're looking to but the decals online. Try and obtain rough dimensions for the nursery wall decals. This will help you to plan your overall nursery theme and if necessary arrange or re-arrange the furniture in your baby's room well before you go to apply your nursery wall decals.

When trying to affix large nursery wall murals, loosely attach some masking tape at the very top of the wall decal to steady it before firmly pressing the wall decal onto the wall starting from the middle of the wall sticker working your way to the outer edges.

Plan the positioning of your wall decals and even put a few positioning ideas down on paper until you feel comfortable you know where each separate decal needs to go. Most wall decals will not stick that well if you place the back of the decal on a fibrous material like carpet so you don't want to take a number of decals of to re-position them and place them on a carpet or rug for convenience.

Wash the wall areas where you are going to place your nursery wall stickers with a sponge or cloth and some warm water. This will remove any dust and help provide a good clean surface for the nursery wall stickers to adhere to, helping to avoid the stickers from falling off.

But most of all have fun!

Decorating your baby's room should be a welcomed process of anticipating a new little loved one into your family so it's an ideal and memorable event that can be shared with a few friends or family over a cup of tea!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Classic Winnie the Pooh Wall Decals

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These fabulous Winnie the Pooh stickers are the perfect wall decals for nursery decorating to create a classic Winnie the Pooh themed Baby Room.

These bright and colourful Winnie the Pooh characters are a timeless classic and provide the perfect solution to nursery decorating and a great alternative to mural painting. These nursery decals come pre-cut, taking only minutes to peel from their backing sheet and apply to virtually flat surface in your nursery.

Relocating these nursery stickers is a breeze! Simply peel them off your wall and they won't damage your paint or leave any messy sticky residues.These Winnie the Pooh decorative wall stickers are made from high quality PVC and can be easily replaced back onto the backing paper for storage ready to be re-used.

With such a wide range of Winnie the Pooh Wall Decals to choose from, the decorating options with these colorful and fun baby room wall stickers are infinite.

Make your baby's nursery fun, engaging and colorful while exploring your natural decorating talents with some of these easy to use decorative nursery wall decals.

Nursery Decal Application Tips!
  • It's a great idea to give your wall a quick wipe over with a damp sponge or cloth rag for better decal adhesion.
  • Try to position your Winnie the Pooh stickers out of direct, harsh sunlight to avoid any fading.
  • Plan your nursery decorating theme and include furniture, lighting and even toys into your theme.
  • With larger decorative wall decals its easier to apply the decal from top to bottom. If necessary you can tape the top of the wall sticker with some masking tape to hold in place until you have properly positioned the decal.
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