Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun and Educational Transport Wall Stickers

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What better theme for a baby boy’s room, these wall decals are the perfect solution for nursery decorating that won’t cost the earth.
This high quality Roommates transportation peel and stick wall decal set are easy to apply to any clean, hard even surface and won’t leave any marks or sticky residues. Great for an early education tool, you can use these transportation wall stickers to introduce basic phonics and letters by association with the various vehicles.
This bright and colourful transport decal set includes Bus, Train, Truck, Taxi, Car, Plane, Motorcycle, Helicopter and Dump Truck!

easy-peel-wall-stickers transport-wall-decal-set
boys-wall-decal-transport-themeThese nursery wall stickers are super easy to apply and you can easily create an impressive transport themed baby’s nursery in as little as twenty minutes.
Simply give your walls a quick clean with a damp cloth for best sticker adhesion and roughly plan the orientation of each individual wall decal keeping in mind to place all the decals well above curious fingers. Then its a simply stand back in amazement of how easy it is to create a gorgeous looking baby boy’s nursery theme with these great wall decals.

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