Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Forest Animal Nursery Wall Decals

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A huge tree decal set, this decal collection is one of the largest and most popular removable nursery stickers in the Roommates range.

The tree is great for decorating a corner area of your baby's room with branches reaching out in adjacent directions. You can let your creativity run wild by placing owls perched in the tree and placing other forest animals in fun and interesting places around your nursery.

You can let your creativity run wild and have a ball creating the perfectly decorated nursery for your baby.
There's many other great nursery sticker sets that perfectly match this large, colorful and fun tree and woodland animal nursery decal set.

Add some nice white fluffy clouds high on the walls and some nice colorful flowers at different heights to create depth to dress this beautiful tree and woodland animal decal set. It's so easy to create a stunning nursery forest theme for your baby's room.

This lovely tree decal set is the perfect solution for a fun and relaxing feature wall and will work well with so many of the other nursery wall decals of the Roommates range.

Here are some of the best selling contemporary forest/animal range that are available.

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