Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Fairy Wall Decals for your Little Princess

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Creating a fairy theme for a baby girls nursery makes for the perfect decorating idea and these fairy wall decals are simply a wonder to behold.

There is no other nursery theme that is so popular than

A fairy theme makes for a perfectly decorated nursery and these Disney fairy wall decals are amazingly colourful and vivid and provide true to life Tinkerbell cartoon characters for your nursery walls.

These lively and colourful fairy wall decals can be applied to virtually any clean flat surface and are an ideal decoration for a toddler playhouse and can easily be mixed and matched with other great wall decals from the Roommates range, such as the flowers and grass and butterfly wall decals all of which are ideal for nursery decorating.

This giant Tinkerbell wall decal is hugely popular and makes for a stunning feature wall in any girl's nursery or young child's nursery and perfectly matches other great Tinkerbell fairy wall decals and soft furnishings

What’s so great with this fairy decal set is that there are matching toddler bedding and drapes which together will complete an impressive Tinkerbell fairy themed nursery.


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