Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decorating Tips for Removable Nursery Wall Stickers

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Using removable nursery wall stickers add a whole new level of convenience and can transform the appearance of your baby's nursery within minutes.It's never been easier to create a highly decorative, colorful and fun themed baby's room with the use of the latest high quality removable nursery wall stickers.

But to get the most from your nursery wall stickers here are some useful decorating tips to help you create that perfect decorative nursery theme.

Nursery Wall Sticker Decorating Tips

If you're planning to paint your nursery before your little bub arrives do so well in (at least a month) advance to make sure the paint dries really well and hardens before applying wall decals. Also wherever possible opt for a water based rather than oil based paint as not only are they generally non-toxic, but your nursery wall decals will adhere better to your walls.

Also think of what colors work best with your existing nursery furniture and what nursery wall stickers provide a great contrast to your selected or existing wall color as well as the color of your baby room furniture.

When you get your baby room decals, plan the positioning of your nursery stickers and try and integrate the nursery decals into the rooms furniture and soft furnishings. For example you can hide portions of decals partly behind curtains or have branches coming out from behind a wardrobe to create an interesting and interactive affect.

Consider the lighting in your baby's nursery and how light sources may draw specific attention to feature nursery wall decals and how additional light sources such as children's night light, dimming table lamps or ceiling spot lights may drastically change the atmosphere and transform the look and feel of your nursery wall sticker theme.

When looking for wall decals for nursery decorating and especially if you're looking to but the decals online. Try and obtain rough dimensions for the nursery wall decals. This will help you to plan your overall nursery theme and if necessary arrange or re-arrange the furniture in your baby's room well before you go to apply your nursery wall decals.

When trying to affix large nursery wall murals, loosely attach some masking tape at the very top of the wall decal to steady it before firmly pressing the wall decal onto the wall starting from the middle of the wall sticker working your way to the outer edges.

Plan the positioning of your wall decals and even put a few positioning ideas down on paper until you feel comfortable you know where each separate decal needs to go. Most wall decals will not stick that well if you place the back of the decal on a fibrous material like carpet so you don't want to take a number of decals of to re-position them and place them on a carpet or rug for convenience.

Wash the wall areas where you are going to place your nursery wall stickers with a sponge or cloth and some warm water. This will remove any dust and help provide a good clean surface for the nursery wall stickers to adhere to, helping to avoid the stickers from falling off.

But most of all have fun!

Decorating your baby's room should be a welcomed process of anticipating a new little loved one into your family so it's an ideal and memorable event that can be shared with a few friends or family over a cup of tea!

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